let´s build an isotope generator- the thorium cowoctober 6, 2013

click mea new project: thorite filled isotope generator, producing radioactive Radon220 wich decays with a half-life of 55,6s to Polonium-216 that condensate and decays on a carbon target or can be circulated for in-vitro atomic gardening..more

Brandenburg paparazzo sunset flightJuly 25, 2013

click mea fotoshooting from above Brandenburg city,
Potsdam Sans Souci, Stölln and some landscape
thx to pilot maik, large pics on request

Plug-it GM-04 portable dosimeterMarch 5, 2013

click menew project: the portable GM-04 Dosimeter

-a device for measuring beta and gamma radiation
-also: *new* safe box tutorial *new*