sun of the night

a lightweight (2,1kg) torch with estimatet 22000-24000 lumens,
powered by 2x120w 6500K epistar cob modules,
1x cnps5x & 1x cnps7x cooler,
2x 180w step-up converter,
5 Ah Turnigy Lipo powered,
digital in+out voltage meters,
right side collimator is semi-focussed beam,left side flood
using iMax B6 SkyRC balance loader
for long time use a 3W cree led is used

...waiting for the parts i´ve made a 3d model to figure out the smallest box size of the contraption
i decided to use cnps5x/cnps7x cpu coolers because they have a good sized alloy plate u can use to drill and screw on leds

..the cob..get it from AGE lighting Asia Green Energy Co., Ltd

as u can see the 3d model was not the best match :) ...on pic the left side was
build, cooler is cnps5x (already testet with 50w led), the left voltmeter measure
lipo voltage and the right one the output voltage (~ 35..V)

the step up:
•epoxy sealed containers with waterproof die-cast alloy housing;
•high efficiency:> 90%, 5A / 180W @36V output
•operating temperature at -10C to +60 C; (max.+80 C)
•with overload / over-current / over / low voltage protection, stable performance
•auto recovery •weight:285g •dimension :74X74X32mm
•input voltage 9V to 16V

both sides screwed on the frame (same alloy system the chandelier is made of), the backside of the leds must! be sanded to get a
flat surface (is made of sand until copper apears) otherwise thermal conduction is badly low, using thermal compound,

the lipo is connected with a HXT plug,loader can connected with a additional dean plug


surprise surprise...after 1 minute the led plate gets hot..too hot..82 C ! i could smell the heat....additional fans dont help so a bigger
cooler is needed...the original collimator made of glas (the thick one on the left) has very large chromatic abberation coz cheap chinese
quality , so on the left side a standard CR-39 plastic lens with ar-coating is mounted, use tiny washers to get a 0,5 mm gap to the reflector
rim so heat can get out an still no insects in (u must use a cover otherwise in the dark some suicidal insects fly on the led silicone surface
and burn in !!!! --> reduced light output


oh yes this will help..a cnps7x...also very tiny and lightweight...the mounting requires a direct connection the the mounting surface of the cooler
so i need to build an alloy support and will help with a little more cooling

i like the asymetric design ;)

left side collimated light..still using cnps5x coz its only used shortly as search light..both led togehter would drain the lipo down
in 7 minutes...not recommended... so only the right side could be used for a longer time...between the big ones:
focused 3w cree ...can last est. 20h

..newest..changed the reflector of the 3w cree to collimator lens for better flood

...comparison video

loading with imax b6 balancer

update: beamshot ....1st without...2nd with 150lm cree xl-r ..3rd with 23klm ...(ISO100 @ 2 sec, F 2,8) on photo to enlarge

...more beamshots


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