lamps ´n lights

just the lamps ive build in the past

open large photo   desktop lamp, 10w, vintage voltmeter,carbon strings
fabric cable for steampunk style
2nd pic 3rd pic 4th pic 5th pic 6th pic
open large photo   joulethief with white 5mm led, ferrit core with 2 double-turns, sucks the last elektrons out of empty 1,5v cells
open large photo
  spotlight, for demonstration 20w bulb.. but its not the
final source, copper cooler (zalman) on plastic cap ,tranlucent power cord 2nd pic 3rd pic 4th pic
open large photo   i. maurers "zettelz" replica, 35w, printed graphic art on translucent paper sheets, with clamps on stainless steel brake cables,foiled 38x38cm birch plate
2nd pic
open large photo   bi-xenon handlight, 2x 35w short arc bulbs,2 regulators
with 23kv ignition,~6000lm,PAR-64 reflector ,6Ah lead-acid battery, good for camping 2nd pic
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chaos theory chandelier- madlab´s "bacterioptica" replica, 600m pmma optical fiber cut in 600 pieces,50w power led,active cooled

see more (ger)....


100w power led flashlight rated@ 7000lm, 7Ah lead acid battery,led screwed on a zalman cpu cooler with fan,diameter is ~ 12cm, 26cm long, used step-up converter module 12v-> 34v, astigmatic collimator lens with anti reflection coating = 5% more transmission
2nd pic 3rd pic 4th pic comparison first

open large photo

ambient light, 2x 60w linestra tubes with serial wiring (half brightness-double lifetime ;), copper cables, vintage voltmeter,fabric cable,steampunk style,
power consumption: 47W with radium bulbs
2nd pic and a 3rd one mkII-model .....4th pic
build already 3 of these model

  transformers like workshop lamp made from office lamp, adjustable hight,50w power led rated @ 4000lm, zalman CNPS5X heatpipe cooling - low heat exposure
to the front, fan replaced with 70mm fan for lower noise
and for safety with metall grid
..... 2nd.. 3rd.. 4th.. 5th.. pic

workshop lamp MKII !

updated version of the lamp,still 50w but with better cable path, carbon parts,bigger handle,glas protection in front of led...2nd...3rd....4th.....5th


sun of the night: a lightweight (2,1kg) torch with
estimatet 22000-24000 lumens
powered by 2x120w 6500K epistar cob modules,
2x 180w step-up converter,5 Ah Turnigy Lipo powered, digital in+out voltage meters.... read more....