Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System - Berkeley Nucleonics SAM-935

-Battery swap-

Since this devices are over 15 years old the original Ni-Mh battery pack become weak and will not run more than 1 hour.

<<< old 12V battery pack


new 3S Lipo ^^^

the lipo is connected via DEAN plug to the switch box, in the switch box is the Buck Step Down Voltage Regulator Power Module,
the power module can handle 1.8A continous current - the SAM uses 0.6A with backlight on but the module will get warm so the box
provides heat shielding, i testet 2 other modules but all develop heat that will result in temperature drift in the device´s scintillation crystal

Switching frequency: 340KHz Conversion efficiency: 96% (maximum)
Input voltage: DC 4.75V-23V Current: 3A max , 1.8A cont.
Output voltage: DC 1.0V-17V (Adjustable) Brand: Mini-360

the module was glued on the plug (Molex 5566-04A-210 Mini Fit Jr. Vertical Header) ^^^

the output voltage was set to 11.2V and its runs nicely

for more info: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAM_935) ,


usefull: bag from halfar