How to: safe containment for radioactive specimens


this is about to give an idea how to show radioactive specimens safely
- reduced radiation in room distances
- no dust or particles
- nearly no radon exhalation escape the box
- nearly no bremsstrahlung can occur instead you put them directly in lead containment
- and visible from all sides
at first go to the source of your specimens and collect some,...use gloves and rough shoes or buy some :)
when handling specimens alsways underlay wet paper sheets on your workplace to bind small particles that could contaminate your rooms

when you have some (e.g pitchblende is from that hill)..make out for yourself whats the best dimension..i use 80mmx60mmx48mm acryl, 4mm thick, lasercut ->
polished border , also avialable as sawed pieces with rough border and/ or up to 12mm thickness

so with my box dimension at 4mm thickness you need 2 tiles 80x60 (front/rear), 2 tiles 80x40 (up/bottom) and 2 tiles 52x40 (sides)

when use lasercut, you must temper the tiles at 70 degree C in the oven for minimum 2h or they get fissures and cracks with the time or when gluing
hot air mode..70C..lower row...then slowly cold them left the tiles with closed door in the oven

at first trim the edges then glue them together (uhu-plast modell glue) first front-plate to bottom..add the 2 sides on the bottom plate ...then the top plate,
the rear plate is only screwed...screw front and backplate also together with the upper/bottom plate...i used 1,6mm inox srews with inbus head (so drill hole 1,4mm)
when finished the contraption,clean out with soap and finaly rinse with distilled water to avoid watermarks
the specimen is glued on a plate and the plate is screwed on the back plate

here are some samples:

specimen: autunite..rough borders

specimen: pitchblende,lasercut rims

specimen: magnesia-zippeite


blocking power: 4mm acryl reduce beta+gamma radiation to 1/3 of undshielded power (tested 210µSv specimen-> 70µSv)

*update* special treatment of sabugalite from margnac: this specimen consist of very loose plates and earthy > will dry out and shrink its size ->result in lots of particles crack of

so spraying with paint is a must do to bind all together....earthy carnotite from moab must be researched and will be updated here